About STM

Saville Tech Media – STM – was started out of a desire to service the Business Community of the Mid North Coast with a cost effective and complete information technology owlan-1494537_1280offering.   What gives  us a strong point of difference is comprehensive Service and Reporting, as well as the versatility to provide best practice solutions to complex and individual situations. We provide business with the IT infrastructure they need to achieve what they want, when they want.   

Often IT providers will present off the shelf and in a box solutions that might fit the business 80% of the time.  In the process of implementing these out of the box solution the IT provider will make the business conform its operations to the solution, rather than the solution conform to enhance the operations of the business.

Purely and simply, that is what we are about.  Making things work for your business. IT providers often stick to what they think is easy, rather than spending the time to investigate the business and find products or services that will fit.

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