Licenced Hotels & Taverns

bar-209148_1280Just like Clubs but sometimes on a smaller scale, the average Tavern or Public Hotel has a number of systems that require interaction and connectivity.  These might be Music Distribution, Player Tracking Systems for Poker Machines, Membership, Loyalty Systems and In House Advertising Systems.  All of these have to be taken into account when setting up an appropriate infrastructure.

Making sure all the information is at the publican and licensees finger tips is crucial.  It doesn’t matter they must have access when he or she needs it, even if he or she is not at the venue at the time.  There are many different ways connectivity can provide instant access to the manager, the owners or licensee no matter if onsite on or away at a conference or on holidays.

We happily work all third party providers to resolve any issues, making sure all systems perform to 100% operation and integrate correctly and exchange data between each other where applicable and the client has full access to these systems.

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