Managed IT

Essentially, Managed IT services means that we at STM take responsibility for all your IT systems and work cooperatively to monitor and maintain your systems and make sure your businesses is not effected by outages and has tested and proven disaster recovery techniques.

Instead of fee for service, where a tech is paid per job or on hourly rate, a Managed IT Service from STM will be an equivalent of 1 to 2 days per month of service in fee for service terms but spread out over the month with 24 hour monitoring and observations.

It also means our techs are unrestricted on the time they can spend on a task to investigate and fix “root causes” of issues instead of just fixing the symptoms of a problem which might be masking a much more serious issue.

Keeping an eye on your systems, regular maintenance and testing of the backups, regular onsite visits, and regular sit down discussions with everyone to make sure everyone’s expectations are being met.

Talk to us for a cost befit analysis of our services.

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