We provide service to many industry and commercial sectors on the Mid North Coast.   Small businesses from Sole Traders to 10 employees have a habit of becoming the medium enterprises of tomorrow.  So being part of these companies and providing them the resources to grown through “Good IT” and “Quality Service” to grow is a special focus of ours.

Areas of specialty

We have a number of years in industry experience.  Our Skills built up over the last 20 years assist us (but do not limit us) to serving the following industries

  • Licenced Clubs
  • Taverns and Public Hotels
  • General Hospitality and Accommodation Hotels
  • Accountants
  • Medical – General, Specialist and Allied Health Practices
  • Legal
  • Architecture
  • Design Studios – Graphics, Interiors, Artistic
  • Manufacturing and Servicing (this includes Automotive, Electrical and Trades)

As stated above we are not limited to these industry and commercial sectors, our skills allows us to find and locate the products for all industries.   

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