Our Policy

Our philosophy is service; do it once, do it well.  We also follow the principles of the four way test, which has been used by businesses and organisations worldwide to ensure all dealings are fair, truthful, honest and benefit everyone concerned.

lenovo-laptops-thinkpad-brand-1How we engage – We effectively become your company’s IT Department, monitoring your servers, networks and any devices that if they are offline or unavailable would be business impacting.  We engage on a monthly retainer.   We do engage on a fee for service arrangement for selected clients where this fits their business model.

What can you expect? – Business Continuity is first and foremost the important factor in any decisions made about changing or engaging an IT provider, and we provide this.

We will work with you, your existing third party providers and any other providers to ensure that your systems work 100% all the time.  This will include POS Providers, Accounting and Management package providers, Security Systems Providers and other people.  This doesn’t mean you do away with your service agreements for these providers but know that we will be here to help manage them and provide assistance for them when they need it.

Our aim is to provide business continuity at all times and  stop disruptions before they occur and cause loss of productivity.

Constant Communications – Where most managed service providers fail is communications.  When we do work for you expect to receive a report of the work carried out. A regular meeting at least once a month to discuss the state of the current IT systems, this will also be the time for the business to highlight future directions your company or organisation wants to achieve and start us looking for solutions on how to achieve the new directions.

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