IT Department

When your business needs a strong backbone!

Access an IT Management Team.

Our IT Management could be called your IT department.   We provide services that are often only available to bigger companies who might have an internal IT department. 

Our IT manager has a group of IT contractors who bring amazing skill sets to the table.   We can manage the fault from diagnosis to restoration.   Organise equipment installation or repair and deal with third-party helpdesks so you don’t have to.

Is our IT management a good fit for your business?  We traditionally look after businesses that have infrastructure from 3 to 100 seats.   We provide the full range of services utilizing some of the best minds in the country.  


We supply internet services through a number of local and major players, Vonex, Exetel, C2A on the National Broadband Network and its various technologies such as Enterprise Fiber, Fiber To The Premises, High Frequency Cable, Fiber To The Node and Fixed Band Wireless  as well as procuring the StarLink Satellite internet for clients.

Phones & Converged Communications

Today’s business communications need to be flexible, allow you to operate from anywhere as the office itself has changed.    Our ONDesk phone systems through Vonex allow you to work from home, work in the office and work from anywhere where there is internet.  Both desk phones and mobile apps make taking calls when you need them a breeze. .

Infrastructure and ICT Support

From servers, desktops, tablets we can provide your business infrastructure and then provide all the support for a monthly fixed fee.  We can also provide fully hosted remote desktop systems We are  Microsoft Partner, Cloud Service Provider and Managed Services Provider.  

We make running your business an easy and trouble free ICT experience.”

Peter Saville

Lets get you and your business moving forward!

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