Meet Our Technical Manager

Peter L Saville

Peter Saville brings 25 years of energetic and enthusiastic experience in ICT to the table.  Working previously in Internet Service Delivery, Electronic Gaming and Wagering Machine install and maintenance, cash handling and cashless point of sale installation and maintenance.  

For the last 10 years he has worked in managed services building up a Sydney based IT firms’ operations in Port Macquarie before branching out on his own in 2016.

Peter has been for the last 5 years running Saville Tech Media and Managing the ICT operations for businesses across the Medical IT, Retail, Hospitality (Pubs and Clubs), Passenger and Freight Transport, material harvesting and civil construction industries and sectors.

 Peter has at his call an arsenal of leading tech companies and their resources with an extraordinary cohesive team of IT Professionals with skill sets that complement each other to provide exceptional levels of customer service.

His experience in internet service delivery to onsite technical service delivery has given him a very unique set of skills, skills that allow him to weed out the sales noise and engage directly with IT experts so that they with his leadership provide the best levels of support for the IT infrastructures for all types of business just like yours. 

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